Top 30 Auburn Moments of My 30 Years – No. 13 to 18

Day three of the countdown was tough. We’re getting down to the really good ones, and it’s almost possible to put one above the other. I have no idea where I’m going for the next few days, and at this point I still don’t know what #1 is going to be. If you’d like to see the previous entries in the countdown, you can do so here and here.

18. Rudi Johnson carries half of Wyoming down the field (2000, 18 years old)
This run could easily go down as the best run in Auburn history if only it hadn’t come against Wyoming and in a situation where it was actually needed to put the game away late in the 4th quarter. This was my first game as a student at Auburn and the beginning of my current 12-year streak of home games. Obviously, I witnessed this play in the Auburn student section.

17. Chris Porter’s putback dunk against LSU (1999, 16 years old)
The only video I can find of this dunk does not do it justice at all. I remember watching this game on TV and saying “OHHHHHH!!!!!!” for a good 10 minutes after Porter came flying out of nowhere. It was definitely the dunk of the season and probably still one of the best putback dunks of all time. Dude was awesome. Stay off the weed, kids. I watched this play from my parents’ couch.

16. Bret Eddins loosens Marcus Randall’s wisdom teeth (2004, 22 years old)
This play may not be near the top of the list, but it is definitely one of my favorites of all time. There is nothing better to me than an opposing quarterback getting blindsided, and in this case he was blindsided from the front. What makes it even better was how Bret got up and ran straight to the bench like he was just doing his job. I asked him about that once.

I witnessed this play from the Auburn student section during my senior year. Yes, I went for 4.5 years, but I had to get in one more football season… and it was a pretty good one to stay around for.

15. Cam’s Hail Mary to Darvin in the SEC Champ. Game (2010, 28 years old)
I think this is the only successful Hail Mary that Auburn has completed in my lifetime. South Carolina had just scored before the half and had worked their way back into the game. I was preparing for an excruciating halftime as I had to worry about about what would happen in the 2nd half.

Then, for some reason, South Carolina squibbed their kickoff, giving Auburn a short field. Two plays later, Cam to Darvin happened in it’s best form ever. I went nuts. From that point forward, South Carolina had no chance. I witnessed this play from the club level in the Georgia Dome.

14. Nix floats one to Sanders against Alabama (1993, 11 years old)
You know the story. Stan White went down with an injury and in came Patrick Nix on 4th-and-15. Nix then threw one up for Frank Sanders who caught at the 2-yard line and dove into the end zone. Even my 11-year-old self was surprised that Nix was able to come in and win the game. This also happens to be one of Jim Fyffe’s greatest calls. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I witnessed this game from the orange seats, while eating free popcorn, Golden Flake potato chips, and Coca-Cola Classic.

13. Lawyer Tillman’s reverse to beat Alabama (1986, 4 years old)
Ok, this one is sorta breaking the rules. One stipulation I had on the plays in this list was that I had to have seen them live in person or on TV. Well, I was at this game. It was my first Iron Bowl. However, I was 4 years old, and as the story goes, I was asleep in my dad’s lap when Lawyer Tillman mistakenly took a reverse around left end and into the end zone.

So I’m just going to base this one off how I think I would have acted had I actually seen it. It’s one of the most famous plays in Auburn history, and I was there, so it has a place in the count down. Dang, I love Pat Dye.

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