Alabama License Plates Inadvertently Honor Cam

I heard a rumor a few weeks ago of University of Alabama license plates being spotted around the state that included the letters ‘CAM’ at the beginning. Now, thanks to @WillCollier, we have photographical evidence of quite possibly the most ironic happening in human existence.

Keep in mind that these are not custom tags. These are just normal, state-issued tags where the owner of the car pays $50 to go to the school. For the person whose tag appears above, and the other 999 people who get a tag with ‘CAM’ at the front, their generosity to the school is rewarded by driving around with the name of arguably the best player in Auburn history bolted to their car. I’m sure they are thrilled.

Now there’s irony, and there’s IRONY. And to think, this whole time I thought they called it the Iron Bowl because of the Birmingham Iron industry…