Harvey Updyke Pranked, Admits to Poisoning Trees

Harvey Updyke watched Alabama lose to Auburn in 2010. Harvey Updyke poisoned the Toomer’s trees. Harvey Updyke called Finebaum to admit and brag about it. Harvey Updyke got arrested. Harvey Updyke was labeled “just one crazy.” Harvey Updyke became a hero among many Alabama fans. Harvey Updyke, with help from his lawyer, denied poisoning the Toomer’s trees.

Harvey Updyke got pranked by an Auburn fan into thinking he was getting a free ticket to the 2012 BCS National Championship game and admitted to poisoning the trees over many Facebook messages, phone calls, and voicemails. Read, listen, and watch all of those here (WARNING: there’s a little language):

Did you notice that he continues to brag about his stardom throughout the calls? Who’s giving him that royal treatment? Yeah, just one crazy…

And I love that last voicemail from him. “War Dead Treegle,” he says. So remorseful, isn’t he?

Prank, video, and all things related done by @butler742.