Was Dameyune Craig Mocking Trooper Taylor?

We all remember Dameyune Craig from the Bowden days. We all remember him running and passing the ball all over place, and pretty much being the entire Auburn offense during the years following Patrick Nix.

You may also realize that he has never returned to Auburn for a big game, celebration, etc. since then. Why not? I don’t know. Some say that he didn’t exactly enjoy his time at Auburn or that a few people at Auburn rubbed him the wrong way. Most of those people are probably long gone, so it doesn’t completely make sense that he would still have some beef with Auburn. Either way, he hasn’t exactly been an ambassador of the school. In his defense, he has pretty much been playing or coaching football since he left the Plains.

Regardless, watch Dameyune in this video from Seminoles.com, following Ronald Darby’s National Signing Day announcement that he would be attending Florida State instead of Auburn. He’s wearing a red hat. I’ll let you finish before I tell you what I think I see.

Ok, so did you see/hear that? To me it appears that once the celebration begins to die down, Dameyune turns his hat around, attempts to chest bump another coach, and pretends to wave a towel above his head. I think I even hear a “Troop!” in there. It’s pretty obvious he’s gloating over the fact that he beat out Auburn, and more importantly Trooper Taylor, in a recruiting battle to get Darby.

Message boarders will tell you that he has been badmouthing Auburn as a recruiting tactic for the past two years as Florida State’s quarterbacks coach and recruiting coordinator. That’s obviously tough for some fans to swallow. I can understand being a cutthroat recruiter, but not when it involves telling recruits about the “bad things” you experienced at your former school, especially when nobody on this current staff had anything to do with your time at Auburn. I’m not saying it happens, but this video does make it seem more likely.

It’s not the celebrating that bothers me – he should celebrate since Trooper was once again named one of the nation’s top recruiters. This is his job, and his work obviously paid off in this situation. At some point, especially in coaching, your past loyalties have to take a back seat to doing what you’re paid to do. He doesn’t see Trooper as an enemy because he’s an Auburn coach. He sees him as a competitor that’s trying to get the same thing he wants.

But when I see him acting that way on top of the fact that it seems like he wants nothing to do with Auburn, it doesn’t sit well with me, and it’s hard to look at him the same. So, think what you want. We may know something for sure about what he thinks about Auburn in the future. Until then, tell me what you think…