New Auburn-themed Smartphone Wallpapers Available

I’ve had a few Auburn-themed iPhone wallpapers on the Multimedia page for quite a while, but now thanks to @bordete I have added 21 new ones for your downloading and wallpapering pleasure. A few examples are posted below. There may even be a few with your favorite blogler’s logo on them. That’s just what I’ve heard…

So head on over there and get these on your iPhone immediately. If you would like to have something similar on your Android or any other type of smartphone, I suggest you throw it out the window, quit being anti-mainstream, and get an iPhone. But seriously, I think they may still work on other phones. They might just be a little stretched. Or someone out there who has a non-iPhone smartphone, mock up some wallpapers that fit your screen and send them in. I’ll be sure to add them to the page.

Instructions on how to set these as your wallpaper are on the Multimedia page. Have fun.