A Study on Lunatic Fringe Fans in the SEC

Thanks to @epzilla, here’s a chart laying out the difference in the amounts of what the ones who attempt to defend their fan base after despicable actions of “just one crazy” call a “lunatic fringe fan.” We’ve seen more and more of these “rare” fans pop up over the past year with Harvey Updyke and the Teabagger of New Orleans. And while there may only be two major examples of these “fringe lunatics,” just listen to the callers of Finebaum today (also called the “lunatic fringe”) and hear the deflecting and downright defending of these two. It’s those people that help further the claim that the “fringe” may be the majority.

There’s one problem with using the term “fringe.” When most think of a fringe they think of the area surrounding a green in golf. It is the outermost area and takes up the least amount of space. However, according to the chart and reality in general, one team has most of their fanbase in that “fringe.” So technically, in regards to this one school, the “relatively normal” crowd would be the fringe, otherwise known as the minority.

I know there are decent ones out there, but it’s becoming far too obvious that there are less and less than they want you to believe. Again, two guys don’t make up a fan base, but the “they are just trees” and “he was just really drunk, we’ve all done it” crowd is much bigger than they’ll admit and only kills the argument altogether.

This has nothing to do with football, but for some reason allegiance to a team has caused a tree poisoner and a teabagger to be defended and in some cases applauded. If they took away the color of the shirt either was wearing, I would hope that they would see that both actions were sad and disgusting.

Let’s just take off the glasses, step back, and look at what happened. Can’t we all agree that neither instances really have anything to do with a football team, a school, or fan base, and just admit they are deplorable? Plus, if there was no defending, there would be no reason to lump the rare ones in together with all of the decent ones. Right?