Fullback Transfers to Auburn, Shows Chizik’s Direction

Earlier today, the Illinois Fighting Illini announced that All-American fullback, Jay Prosch, has transferred to Auburn. The Mobile native (UMS-Wright High School) will be eligible to play this year due to a hardship waiver granted because of his ailing mother, which is the main reason for his transfer. Another reason being that Illinois is moving to a spread offense next season.

So if a guy leaves a team because they are going to the spread, and Auburn takes him in as a fullback, which they haven’t used since before Malzahn took over, can you guess what that means Auburn’s offense will look like next year? I’m not saying it will be a full pro-style attack, but it will at least be a little bit of both. I’d say this pretty much confirms it.

From what I’ve read, the guy is an absolute beast, can squat Mark Mangino, and bench press Charlie Weis. The dude even had a six-pack in the 2nd grade, as you’ll see in the video below. Also in the video, from the Big Ten Network, is the story of his mother, and how Prosch handled her struggles with cancer last season.

He’s mean on the field, but a nice guy off of it. What else do you want?