The ‘Blogler’s Resolutions for 2012

Like last year, these resolutions have nothing to do with me directly. They are my goals for and all of it’s connected entities for the year of 2012. I don’t do personal New Year’s resolutions because you can’t improve on perfection… what?!

As someone once said, you can’t know where you’re going until you know where you’ve been, so let’s take a quick look at what I wanted to do in 2011 and if I actually did it:

1. Make money with this thing. My ultimate goal is to become completely dependent on this site, Twitter, etc., and I knew that this dream was probably a few years away, but after selling a few ad spaces to local businesses, I was able to pay a bill or two. Obviously, I’ll need a few more to justify turning in my two weeks’ notice. Which means… email me if you want information on ad space.

2. Actually blog more. I can say that I did accomplish this one. 2010 was a busy year and I got away from writing. Instead I posted videos, funny pictures, and other easy stuff. Plus, I really didn’t even write anything outside of football season. In 2011, I don’t think I missed more than two days without a post. Achievement unlocked.

3. Add a ‘Vlogle to the ‘Blogle. I sorta, kinda did this, but not really. I did post a few videos of trips to Auburn games and the ESPYs, but I wouldn’t call them vlogs. I still would like to do more of them in some way.

4. Keep hatin’ Bama. I don’t even think I need to address this one, but I can’t believe that I wrote “Bama” last year. That is so hick.

5. Get the ‘Blogle nation more involved with the site. I was finally convinced by a certain reader to remove the registering process for people that just want to comment. It has definitely help bumped up the numbers, but I’d still like to get you involved more.

Regardless of what happened on the football field in 2011, it was still a pretty good year for the ‘Blogle. That doesn’t mean that changes and improvements can’t be made. Some goals from last year need to be completed or revamped. Here’s what I’d like to do this year:

1. Redesign the site. I have wanted to do this for two years now. I have just been too picky with designs and can never decide on one. I am tired of the way the site looks. I don’t think it puts enough info in front of your eyes in your first view of the page. I will do this before the 2012 football season starts. If I don’t, you have the right to punch me in the neck.

2. Add a message board. This would go along with the redesigning of the site, and is also something I’ve wanted for a while. Commenting has picked up, as I mentioned, but some people just like to do their talking in a message board. I also want to be able to talk with you more as well, and a forum should make that easier.

3. Add a weekly podcast. I’ve had the good fortune of being invited on a few radio shows in the past few months and I have really, really liked it. I just love hearing myself talk. No really, I just like talking about sports, and talking is a lot easier than writing. I’m not being lazy. I just want to add another medium for me to talk about Auburn. Podcasts will never take the place of a post, but they will definitely be a way for me to elaborate on them. I’d also like to invite people on, and maybe even do Skype calls so that you can call in a talk; a makeshift radio show basically.

Most sports blogs have a podcast and other bloggers say this is the next step that I need to take, so I’m going to take it. These would likely start soon so that I can get everything down before next football season starts.

4. Make more money with this thing. I already touched on this one in the recap of the 2011 resolutions, but seriously, make a guy’s dream come true, won’t you? Look at it this way, if you like the site, think about how much better it could be if it’s all I did. Alright, now I’m just begging. <Sarah McLachlan’s “In the Arms of the Angel” begins as a picture of @BabyBlogle wearing a tattered Auburn jersey appears on the screen> INQUIRE ABOUT AD SPACE!

5. Take this mug to the next level. I don’t really know that means right now, but I basically just want to separate myself from the rest of the sports blogosphere. Twitter is getting saturated, the whole blog scene is getting saturated, all of social media is getting saturated. I’m not saying I want to drop any of those things. I have to use them daily, and enjoy doing so. I just think it’s starting to get boring. Something new needs to be created, and I’m going to try to do that. What that is, I have no idea.

So those are my goals in a nutshell. I think most of them are doable. The money thing probably won’t happen, but if you were a good person it may. The first three definitely will happen, and the last, as I said, is still not even a twinkle in my eye.

Please give me your thoughts and suggestions on any of these, or let me know of any other ideas that you have. I love any sort of feedback and want to know what you want to see. Thanks again for making 2011 the best year of so far. Now let’s make 2012 even better. I feel like I’m reading the script of a cheesy office orientation video. But anyway, post your thoughts below. WDE.