Virginia’s Chick-fil-A Bowl “Hype” Video Is Just Bad

As quiet as things had been on the trash talk front, I had figured that Virginia students and fans were as careless about the upcoming Chick-fil-A Bowl as their ticket sales made them seem. Maybe Colin Cowherd was right. I mean, I couldn’t find a UVA fan blog talking about Auburn. I couldn’t even find a slightly snarky message board post. I was beginning to wonder if they even knew they were playing Auburn in a bowl game.

That was until I saw the video. If you have epilepsy may want to refrain, but don’t be worried. You’re not missing much, except some lame attempt to say all Auburn fans ride parked tractors and walk down dirt roads in wifebeaters. I only know a few who do that. Oh, and I KNOW they didn’t steal my boy iE’s “Orange Navy” idea…

Update: Sad day, the video has been removed. Probably due to lameness, but more than likely because of all of the copyrighted music that was used.