Let Colin Cowherd Tell You About Virginia Fans

Call it lack of awareness, call it apathy, call it whatever, but I just don’t know a lot about Virginia football. I do know that Matt Schaub went there. I know they are the Cavaliers, but call themselves the ‘Hoos, short for Wahoos. I know they beat Auburn in 1998 in one of the worst games that I remember. That’s about it.

With the Chick-fil-A Bowl only a few weeks away, I figured it was time to get my learn on in regards to UVA, which is what they typically go by. In my research, I ran across a clip from Colin Cowherd’s radio show in 2007. The clip begins with a UVA fan calling to brag about football in the state of Virginia. Cowherd goes off on the guy while giving us some insight on what we may expect when running into their fans in the Georgia Dome. It’s pretty funny.

Sounds like a smarter bunch of Ole Miss fans if you ask me.