Ranking the SEC (after Week 10)

As it was last week, there aren’t many changes to the rankings this week. I guess that just means I’m always right. Yeah, I think that’s what it is. Anyway, try to find something wrong with these. I dare you.

1. LSU – The obvious choice. They go into Tuscaloosa in front of their largest crowd ever, in the biggest game since dinosaurs roamed the Earth, and win. It was the biggest visiting team win in Bryant-Denny since, well, last year.

2. Alabama – A three-point loss to the #1 team in the nation isn’t the worst thing that could happen, but the fact of the matter is that they lost at home. They had their chance. There should be no rematch, and unless LSU loses to Arkansas, the Tide will get no higher than this spot.

3. Arkansas – The Razorbacks did what we knew they would do by beating South Carolina. I still say they are only here by default, though. They have regressed since beating Auburn, and are only here because of their record.

4. Auburn – No game, no major moves around them, so the Tigers stay put. This top-4 will likely stay the same until the end of the season by the way, but that hinges on Auburn beating Georgia.

5. South Carolina – You can try to tell me that Georgia should be here because South Carolina just lost. What I see is that South Carolina has the same overall record, and beat the Bullpups. That’s all I need to know.

6. Georgia – With South Carolina’s two losses coming inside the conference and the Bullpups only have one (other loss was to Boise), Georgia actually controls their own destiny. Want proof the world is unfair? A team that has built its record on beating five SEC teams with a combined 5-24 record controls their own destiny. Auburn should change that this weekend.

7. Florida – Kudos to the Gators for proving the trendy, “I’m gonna make a difference in this world” pickers wrong and doing what everyone should have expected them to do by beating Vanderbilt. Come on, people. Let’s not kid ourselves. Is your life that boring?

8. Vanderbilt – Although the Commodores should have lost to Florida, they did hang around for a bit and tried to stage a comeback at the end.

9. Tennessee – A rather ho-hum win over Middle Tennessee State will get you nowhere in this ranking.

10. Mississippi State – Are they still playing football in Starkville?

11. Kentucky – Joker Philips: the man who killed Houston Nutt. Congrats, you are not the worst team in the SEC… this year.

12. Ole Miss – Bye Houston. We will miss the funny faces you made.