From the Other Sideline – LSU

Glenn Gilbeau (Twitter) is the LSU beat reporter for the Shreveport Times. This week, he returns for his second go-round in the “From the Other Sideline” series.  He used to cover Auburn back in the day, but seems to be drinking the LSU Kool-Aid now… or is it actually Purple Drank? I heard he got it from Honey Badger.

1. Based on the comments from each of Auburn’s previous opponents’ fan bases, Cam Newton really hurt a lot of people’s feelings last season. How do LSU fans feel in that regard?

I think LSU fans do not feel hurt. I think they feel like their defense was awful against Newton and Auburn last season and couldn’t tackle when players were in position to tackle.

2. Have LSU fans fully drunk the Kool-Aid? Do they believe they are the best team in the nation and expect nothing less a National Championship?

Has nothing to do with Kool-Aid. LSU has been No. 1 in the AP for a month and just was named No. 1 in the BCS on Sunday. No drinking needed.

3. How has the lack of any SEC night games affected their demeanor? Will they just start drinking before breakfast? Would that be all that uncommon?

The fans are upset about the lack of night games. They do start drinking earlier, but day games are just not as fun at LSU. It’s like Toomer’s Corner without toilet paper.

4. In what positional match-ups do you see Auburn/LSU having an advantage. You can’t use “everything” for LSU.

Then I can’t answer the question.

5. Who are two generally unknown LSU Tigers that Auburn fans should be on the lookout for?

Tailback Alfred Blue is very good, and you might see a lot of him Saturday if Spencer Ware is indeed suspended for failing a drug test, which is the rumor at the moment.

6. Are there any major concerns for Les Miles in this game? As in, has the grass been properly watered and removed of all pesticides?

I think Auburn is the most capable team of upsetting LSU since West Virginia. Auburn is dangerous. And if LSU does not play well, it could happen.

7. Who do you see having a big game on either side of the ball on either team?

I see QB Jarrett Lee having another very good game along with WR Rueben Randle and CB Morris Claiborne.

8. What is your brief analysis/prediction for the game?

I see LSU in a close game in the fourth quarter for the first time all season. LSU 27, Auburn 21.

9. Where do you see Auburn/LSU ending up this season?

I see Auburn finishing 8-4. I see LSU finishing 11-1 and in a BCS Bowl.

10. Lastly, do you like corndogs? I do, they really are one of my favorite foods.

Corndogs are about ninth on the depth chart of good food in Louisiana, but having lived in Alabama I can see where they would be up there over yonder.