Tuesday Mailbag: Georgia Tech, Fall Weddings, Sunsets

There’s no need for an introduction. I’ve done this two times before and you’ve loved it. Right? RIGHT?! Just a little? You at least don’t hate it, do you? Do you even remember how you got here? Ok, I’ll stop.

‘The Auburn Girl’ wants to talk about Georgia Tech joining the SEC, and the terrible idea of wearing opponent’s sweatshirts for love. Let’s…

I work in an office with a lot of Ga. Tech grads and we like to discuss football–a safe subject now that Auburn and Tech don’t have to play each other.  I am old enough to remember “the good ole days” when they did play each other every year (“Wreck Tech, Wreck Tech, wreck the heck out of Ga. Tech!”).  I didn’t mind playing them as long it was an on-going tradition, but this ever-so-often-two-games was annoying.

It occurred to me that perhaps Ga. Tech might make a nice addition to the SEC.  I doubt they would want to come back, of course, nor do I think most of the SEC would like to see them back, but it would make life interesting, wouldn’t it?

I assume that Tech would go into the SEC East, so we still wouldn’t get to play them every year. As a resident of Atlanta, I would like to see some fire put back into the Georgia Tech-Georgia game.  I have some friends–a married couple, he a UGA grad, she a Tech grad–I saw them this past Saturday night and both were wearing obnoxious, bright red Bulldog sweatshirts.  I couldn’t believe she would EVER wear such a thing (she said it was love).  That tells you that the rivalry between Tech and UGA isn’t serious enough.  Because, come on!  How could she?

So, two questions to you, ‘Blogler:

1) What do you think about Ga. Tech coming into the SEC?

2) Assuming you’d lost your mind and married a UAT grad, could you ever see yourself wearing a UAT sweatshirt “for love” ?

1. I wouldn’t mind Georgia Tech coming back to the SEC, if not just so that Auburn could avenge those two fluke losses in 2003 and 2005. They are usually pretty competitive in football (would probably fit in somewhere around the current Tennessee level), and could help the league with some basketball credibility.

However, things have always been weird between the SEC and Georgia Tech ever since they left the league back in the 60’s. They supposedly split because of an argument over scholarship allocations, and from that point forward having them re-join has never seemed to be an option. It makes sense geographically and in terms of rekindling old rivalries, but for whatever reason it doesn’t appear to be happening anytime soon.

2. If that person loved me they wouldn’t ask me to wear such an awful thing, but let’s not even assume this marriage would even happen. I just broke out in hives thinking about it.

Graham Brown wants to know what he should do about weddings during the Fall. Who are these people?!

I have a dilemma, and would imagine you, along with many others have dealt with it in the past. This Saturday, I will be attending a wedding, that just so happens to start at 6 p.m. central time, the same time of the Auburn game. I know you’ve crusaded for the #stopfallweddings campaign on twitter, but would love to know how to handle this.

Is it acceptable to follow along on my smart phone getting updates, could I get away with wearing some sort of wireless headphones? If I can get away with any of those options, I worry yelling “WAAAAAAAAAAR EAGLE, HEY” might not go over well as the bride is walking down the aisle.

Keep up the great work!

I think I’ve actually decided to stop the #stopfallweddings campaign and change it to #stopgoingtofallweddings. Maybe if only close family members show up, these people will eventually get the hint.

People, assuming you have your wedding on a Saturday like most do, that means you have 52 days to choose from out of the year. Football takes up around 12-13 of those, but I’ll be lenient and even give you away games. That means that only 8 out of 52 Saturdays are taken up. That leaves you at least 44 days to choose from. FORTY FOUR! And you pick one of the few days that half the country waits for all year long?!

As I said a while back on Twitter, it doesn’t mean we don’t love you, it just means we don’t love you as much as we love football. I’m half kidding, but seriously. Unless it’s your college roommate or your best friend that you spent every waking moment with as a child or a sibling, nobody REALLY cares about your wedding. At least not enough to want to miss a day full of tailgating and college football. It’s just the truth. You have plenty of other options in the year, so pick one of those and we’ll be happy to come.

Graham, I realize I didn’t directly answer your question, but maybe I did. Unless it’s a sibling or some friend that you feel comfortable yelling at, send them a present and have fun at the game.

Our next entry comes from Keith Bryant who experienced what we all go through living in the state of Alabama.

Had an Alabama fan state that if you watch the game closely, you will be able to tell Garcia was hungover or sick and that was the only reason Auburn won.

Well of course it was. Auburn has never won anything without cheating, paying the refs, paying the players, luck, or some other form of witchcraft. I actually heard that “Chizik” means “Warlock” in ancient Hebrew.

You’d think the fan base of the greatest team to ever grace a football field wouldn’t be worried about a “little brother” and their petty wins, but no. For all of you reading this that reside outside the state, this is what we live with every day of our lives. The fans of the “best team in the nation” can’t even enjoy their top-15 win. They have to talk themselves into thinking that Auburn isn’t relevant, while the fact that they are trying to do so proves otherwise.

The last email of the week comes from a jealous husband who voices his displeasure with my retweeting of his wife’s picture. No, no, no, it’s not like that. She sent me a picture of the orange and blue sunset from this past week’s game. He just thought his was better.

I can’t believe you retweeted my wife’s crummy iPhone 3G picture instead of my beautiful iPhone 4 picture.

Sorry man, she sent it to me first. Besides, I still think her’s is better. Your sunset is too red. The one she sent is a perfect mixture of orange and blue.

What do you think? Which do you like best? Am I right?

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