Florida Atlantic Review: The Win Before the Storm

I have posted my Florida Atlantic review entitled “The Win Before the Storm” on al.com‘s Tigers Corner. Here’s how it starts:

Given how most of Auburn’s games dating back to last season have gone, I’ve grown to love the cupcake opponents. I used to hate them and saw them as a waste of a week. Only recently have I understood their importance. Chizik’s Auburn Tigers love to cause heart attacks most weeks out of the year, but the cupcakes usually give a nice little break to our coronary problems. Yeah…that really didn’t happen against Florida Atlantic.

Auburn’s offense looked pretty decent in the first two games of the season, but took a step back in the 2nd half against Clemson. Saturday’s game should have been a good chance to work out the kinks and get the train back on track. I figured Michael Dyer would get most of the rushes in the first half, and Tre Mason would split carries with McCalebb in the 2nd half. I figured we would see some newcomers catching touchdown passes in the 2nd half as well. However, whatever was off at Clemson, was still off for a good part of the 1st half against FAU.

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