Alabama Should Never Say Never

A few weeks after Auburn beat Oregon to win the National Championship, a picture surfaced from inside the Alabama locker room that stated “Never Again.” The new team motto was in reference to the collapse/comeback in last season’s Iron Bowl. “Never Again” would they let it happen. Now the Tide have a new saying with the word “never” in it as well.

Earlier this afternoon, a friend from my days at Auburn, who is now attending grad school behind enemy lines, sent me the picture below. The button, being sold at Alabama’s school bookstore, inexplicably states “Never All In.” I’m sorry, what? You’re not all in? You don’t care about the team you pull for? Is that what they are trying to say?

Your guess is as good as mine as to what that actually means. In fact, I was so confused that I called the bookstore myself. After taking a good five minutes to figure out if they had any left, which probably means they have been selling pretty well, I was told by someone who sounded like they were in this video that “apparently Auburn was all in, and we are NEVER all in.” Ok, now I really have no clue.

All I can gather is that in a futile attempt to take a jab at Auburn, Alabama is resorting to taking a phrase that Auburn uses and just add a “never” or “not” in there. Are we five years old? Glory, glory to not Auburn? Never to conquer? Don’t kick ’em in the butt, big blue?

I tweeted the picture out and it blew up immediately. For the next five or so hours, Auburn fans were laughing while scratching their heads trying to figure out what this whole thing actually meant. If you’re down with the Twitter lingo, a hashtag was created, #bamabuttonFAILS, where people put in their ideas of what buttons would come next. A few of my favorites were “All We Do is Not Win” and “What Do We Do.” Go read the rest. They will fill your day with enjoyment.

Plain and simple, it’s just stupid. First off, all day every day Auburn fans are told that our team is irrelevant and we are obsessed with trying to be as great as the University of Alabama. What this button proves, though, is that the high and mighty University seems to be obsessed with its “little brother.”

Oh you beat us last year? Yeah well…well…well…you’re a doodie head! It’s sad and just plain dumb at the same time.

The fact that anybody thought this was a good idea speaks volumes about what’s going on over there. I know this probably didn’t make it’s way across Saban’s desk or was put in front of the Board of Trustees, but it obviously had to go in front of someone with half a brain, right? I mean, this is almost up there with “Mississipi State.”

Never All In. You really got us guys. What’s next? Training an eagle to refuse to fly?