Runaway Bull (not Eltoro) Runs Through (not) Auburn

Update: this isn’t Auburn, AL. It’s Auburn, WA. Lesson: watch the video all the way through before you post it. If you watch it though, a lot of it looks like our Auburn. I swear at one point they were on the road next to the Fiji House. Doh.

Just before midnight last Saturday night, the Auburn Police Department got a few calls claiming that a bull was running lose in Auburn. The policemen on duty tried their best to get the bull to pull over, but wouldn’t you know it, bulls don’t give a you-know-what about flashing blue and red lights. Now put a red cape in front of him it would have been a different story.

It took cowboys, real cowboys, to get the bull under control. Bring on the Cow College jokes…

It would have been so much better if it were Eltoro Freeman actually running through the streets. Charlie would have been so excited.

Thanks to Brian K. for the heads up (Update: you’re dead to me). Video from Fox News.