Has Auburn Added Championship Stars to their Jerseys?

You know I love a good uniform rumor, so you know that when someone sends me pictures of replica jerseys from the Auburn University Bookstore that have two stars and a ‘War Eagle’ on the bottom, I’m going to talk about it.

First of all, these are just jerseys for sale in a bookstore. In no way does it mean that this is exactly what the team wears. I mean, could you imagine a player today playing with those 80’s style sleeves? But unlike past rumors, this is somewhat hard proof that some sort of change might be made.

I know this isn’t anything big because the area of the jersey in question will obviously be tucked in, but I still thought the stars were interesting.

At first I thought they may represent the amount of years that the player had lettered on the football team. In the picture above (Lutzenkirchen and Bell), this could have been true considering that they are both juniors and have played two years. However, when I looked on the bookstore’s website and saw that every jersey number had two stars, I began to wonder.

With the assistance of a few soccer fans, I learned that this whole star thing is nothing new to the futbol world. It turns out that it’s common for a country to add a star to their jersey for each World Cup Championship. For instance, Brazil has five stars and Germany has three on their jersey (seen below).

So if the soccer fans are correct, and it appears they are, the two stars on these replica jerseys represent Auburn’s two national championships (1957, 2010). Man, it’s going to be embarrassing to have to go back and rip that second star off when the hammer drops.

I don’t know what I think. I don’t mind it being a soccer thing, but does it have any business being on an American college football jersey? Do you like them either way? Do you think Auburn will actually do it given that it’s something that won’t actually be seen? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

Thanks to @WDAndrew for the pics and @FearlessandTrue for the soccer help.