Harvey Updyke Tweets an Apology to “Jay Barker”

You may or may not know of the parody Jay Barker Twitter account @JayBarker_Evans. It can be crude, but it’s always hilarious. You also may or may not know that our favorite little crazy, Harvey Updyke, is now on Twitter (and so his is son, Bear).

The username @JayBarker_Evans is obviously a continuation of the longstanding joke that Jay is the woman of his marriage with Sara Evans since she’s obviously the breadwinner and big superstar of the family. Harvey Updyke apparently did not get the joke. The name on the profile, Bay Jarker, was not enough to tip Harvey off either.

Yesterday, I received word from the man behind @JayBarker_Evans that Harvey had sent him an apology via direct message. Here is the conversation, word for word, with no editing:

@HAUpdykeJR: Jay, Im truely sorry if I hurt ALABAMA and I understand the way you must feel about me. RTR.

@JayBarker_Evans: You know I’m not really Jay, right?

Surprisingly, Harvey has yet to respond, but I wish “Jay” would have strung this out a little longer. Just imagine what he could have gotten out of him.

What we see in Harvey’s apology is an admission of guilt (I will be available for a court appearance), that he needs to work on his spelling and contractions, and that he still only cares about what he’s done to Alabama. I’ve always said I’d feel sorry for, and maybe even somewhat forgive for the guy, if he would just show any remorse towards Auburn. Oh well, enjoy jail.