You Can’t Spell Airbrush Without AU

Sometimes I forget that some of you don’t have Twitter (you should, sign up and follow me), so you don’t always get to see the awesomeness that goes on over there. This would be one of those cases.

While down at Panama City Beach this weekend, on a spontaneous, unscheduled trip (yes, I went to the beach three days after returning), an airbursh stand on the premises kept calling my name. It seemed as though each time I threw Baby Blogle into the pool, I would see that beautiful redneck beacon out of the corner of my eye. On our last day, I pulled the trigger.

I know anything airbrushed is considered tacky, trashy, or whatever, but somebody has to be buying this stuff. It’s held on since at least the ’80’s. We might as well embrace it. What you call tacky, I call awesome. And even though it never technically left, I’m bringing it back. You will see me wearing this in Auburn this football season (if you can find me). You can count on it.

Sorry, this is a limited edition item. It will not being made available in the Store (but it can be pried from my fingers for anything over 100 bucks).

I’m bringing airbrush back. Them other sites don’t know how to act.