Where Do We Celebrate For Now?

This past Monday night, following President Obama’s announcement that U.S. Forces had killed Osama Bin Laden, students across the nation filled the streets, bars, and other favorite spots around their campuses to celebrate. For George Washington students this meant storming the area outside the White House lawn. For Penn State students this meant gathering at Beaver Avenue to shoot fireworks while dressed in costumes. Of course, 95% of the crowds were probably guys just looking for a party, but it was still a pretty cool thing to see.

However, when I sent out a tweet requesting pictures or videos of Auburn students celebrating, the two main responses I got back were “studying for finals” (which is somewhat understandable) and “Toomer’s is blocked off” or something to that effect. That’s when it hit me: in Auburn, no Toomer’s equals no celebration. This was a great chance to take part in a great American celebration using one of our most storied traditions, even though it had nothing to do with Auburn (unless you count this), but there was nothing to do because no one could get near the trees.We all know why the school/city of Auburn is not allowing anyone to touch or roll the trees at Toomer’s corner. We all know Harvey is going to get his, even more than he’s already given himself. Sadly, we also know that things don’t look too good for the future of the trees. I’m not saying I have given up hope on the trees’ chances of a full recovery, but I tend to be very quick to get over things and move on. So if we assume that the trees will not be roll-able now or anytime in the near future, I think it’s time we maybe think of a temporary celebration spot or activity.

Again, I’m not giving up on being able to roll Toomer’s again, but we can’t just sit on our thumbs just because one of our traditions is currently in the shop. Finals or no finals, trees or no trees, Auburn should have been able to celebrate in the streets like most other schools in the country.

I’m not saying that we missed out on some huge opportunity to show other schools how well we can celebrate down here, we obviously have had other more important things going on, but when it came down to it, because Toomer’s was shut down, the Auburn students that wanted to celebrate seemed lost at what to do.

That’s just my take. It’s not any fault of their own. Like I said, most were studying, and for those that weren’t, I mean, what else was there to do? I’m glad you asked.

The problem with major outdoor celebrations is that they kind of have to be accepted by the city before they can take place legally via exception to the law. Technically, rolling Toomer’s is vandalism and also involves multiple violations of jaywalking on College Street and Magnolia Avenue. I’m sure the first few occasions involved a few arrests or slaps on the wrist, but after a while the city realized that it was something special, causing them to let it go on and grow to be one of the biggest and most unique traditions in all of college sports. Stupid Harvey.

So first, our new temporary/possibly permanent replacement celebration would have to be something not completely out of the ordinary. Something like rolling the Samford lawn or any of the trees between the corner and Samford Hall might work. They usually end up getting rolled anyway.

Maybe we could roll the trees at the corner of S. Donahue and Heisman Drive (where Tiger Walk takes place). That way the players could even take part in the celebration with the fans. Actually, that idea is pretty dang awesome. Let’s just go ahead and do that next season, provided the Toomer’s trees are still surrounded by barricades. If someone asks you about it, just tell them the WarBlogler told you to do it.

Wait, I may have just stumbled onto the next great idea in Auburn history. I mean how easy would it be to do a $100 hand shake in that mass of people? It’s a win-win.

But seriously, I guess most of my ideas involve rolling trees because I think it would be the quickest thing to be accepted given that it’s what we always do when we celebrate. We throw toilet paper. We could always flip cars and burn couches, but we’ll leave that to the teams up north that don’t win National Championships.

Anyway, that’s all I have. What do you think we should do in the meantime, or possibly, but not hopefully, in the future?