What Does EA Sports Know About Auburn’s Uniforms?

Earlier today, EA Sports announced that ex-Alabama running back Mark Ingram will be on the cover of NCAA 12 (Update: As I expected, all four guys that were in the running will have their own alternate covers). We can be as mad as we want, but it came down to a fan vote and basically Alabama fans wanted it more…or had extra time for whatever reason. My whole argument was that he should have never even been up for the vote, but that’s for another post. What I want to talk about is the promotional screenshots that were released by EA Sports following today’s announcement.

Do you see it? Look right above Cody Parkey (K #36)’s crack. Yep. The infamous ‘War Eagle’ on the butt (belt actually) that I wrote about before the National Championship Game. In that post, I linked to an article written by Uni Watch where he confirmed that in 2011 Auburn would have ‘War Eagle’ on the butt of the pants along with new stripes that would match the stripes on the helmets and jerseys.

As you can see, the stripes are not different. They are the same as they have always been. But was Uni Watch right? How and why would EA Sports have them in their new game if it wasn’t true? It’s highly unlikely that they would just do this out of the blue, especially since a guy who knows all about uniforms has been saying it since December. That seems like too much of a coincidence to me.

To be honest with you, it doesn’t bother me as much as I thought it would. I just didn’t want it to look something like this.

So let’s just assume that EA Sports was told that the small ‘War Eagle’ will be on the pants next season. Let’s just assume they just accidentally ruined the surprise in these screenshots. Assuming those things, these pictures may really get you excited or really make you puke.

Yes, the blue pants are (unfortunately in my opinion) back. Will this ever go away? Is this just an alternate, just-for-fun uniform feature EA Sports is adding to this year’s version of the game? Maybe, maybe not.

I ask again, why would EA Sports just all of a sudden add ‘War Eagle’ to the back of Auburn’s pants on the same year where a prominent uniform-centric website claims they will? Do they know something? And if they do, does this mean that they know Auburn will wear blue pants on the road next year?

If the stripes had changed, like Uni Watch said they would, I would be sold on at least the ‘War Eagle,’ but of course this just adds more confusion and mystique to the every-year rumored uniform changes. The old stripes thing could just be a mistake. The game has been known to make many of those.

On another note, the game has added team-specific pregame activities/entrances this year. Will the eagle flight be included? Who knows? It certainly isn’t in the first video teaser.

So like I did last year, I’ll ask what do you think?