A Tale of Toomer’s Tragedy

Update #3: Here are a few clips from the press conference that was held earlier today, as well as a few updated statements from the school.

Update #2: Well looky here. WTVM has the mugshot. Yep, definitely the guy from that facebook profile. Have fun Harvey.

Update: Multiple stations are reporting that an arrest was made last night and there will be a press conference held outside Samford Hall at 10:30 am CT to discuss the investigation. The name of the arrested man has been leaked: Harvey Almorn Updyke. So technically his name is Al, I guess. This facebook profile has been floating around as well.

Supposedly, Bammers that know him outed him on a few message boards. Same name, Bama hat, retired Texas State Trooper (he said he used to live in Texas on the call). Yep, pretty sure that’s the guy.

On January 27th, 2011, “Al from Dadeville” called into The Paul Finebaum Show and boasted that he had poisoned the oak trees at Toomer’s Corner on the weekend after the Iron Bowl. His reasoning behind doing this was the fact that he claimed that Auburn students had rolled Toomer’s Corner on the day that Bear Bryant died (which Finebaum immediately shot down), and the fact that an Auburn fan put a “Scam” Newton jersey on Bryant’s statue in Tuscaloosa.

Finebaum obviously didn’t take this claim very seriously, given the way the call had already gone and given the fact that he hears this kind of nonsense all the time, not to mention the fact that it sounds so unbelievable. Here is the full audio of the call. You’ll be able to tell quickly that Al is a winner.

Unbeknownst to most, Auburn took this claim seriously and immediately had samples of the soil taken for testing. Sure enough, they found lethal amounts of an herbicide called Spike 80DF. The funny thing to me is that the samples had to be sent to Mississippi State because of a small fire at Auburn’s testing facility. You know they love helping Auburn with stuff right about now. You can read Auburn’s full release here.

As I listened to Finebaum’s show this afternoon, all but one Bama fan was mortified that this has happened. They were mad and embarrassed. After hearing that, I felt like giving them a pass and chalking it up to just one crazy. That was until I checked Twitter, Facebook, and a few message boards. It turns out, as we all expected, that most Bama fans were being their truly classy selves and actually agreed with, or were making fun of this whole situation.

Here’s an example from Facebook (thanks to @McGruffthedog):

I know this isn’t the entire fan base, but it’s definitely not just one crazy guy. On the other hand, the better hand, Auburn students were out in full force rolling the tree as she would have it (pic from @riley_joe):

Stay tuned. According to WTVM of Columbus, Auburn’s Chief of Police said there could be an arrest made tonight. Let’s hope so. I’ll keep you updated.