Oregon Fan Settles Up

Following this year’s Iron Bowl, there were no doubt hundreds and hundreds of bets for Bammers to settle up on; this one in particular. But when it came to the BCS National Championship game, given the space between and the lack of office space shared by the two fan bases, bets between Auburn and Oregon fans were probably pretty rare. Welcome to the internet…

@WarBlogle follower, @jana0926 of jana’s thinking place, wasn’t going to let the continental divide stop her. Somehow or another she made a blog buddy, @iHubby, who just so happened to be an Oregon fan. The stage was set and the bet was simple. The fan of the losing team had to make a video proclaiming the winning team as the greatest thing since sliced Alabama defenses. We know what happened and we know who was left to make a video.

For @jana0926‘s account of the whole thing, go read her blog.