BCS Championship Review

I have posted my BCS Championship review on al.com‘s Tigers Corner very uniquely titled “We Are the Champions“. Here’s something you might find within the post:

My first impression of Duck fans was that they just didn’t care. They did wear some of the craziest things I’ve ever seen at a football game, but they seemed more worried about that than winning a football game. Actually when you think about it, their whole program is based off looking different and drawing attention that way, but anyway….

In general, they were all very nice people, which goes back to that not caring thing. It’s hard to be mean or talk trash to someone if you don’t really have a passion for what you could talk trash about. They were loud and many of them had duck calls, which got annoying, but also posed a question: aren’t duck calls used to lure ducks and then shoot them? They were unaware of this fact and blew on them anytime they got a first down, but considering the stadium was at least 70% Auburn, they definitely were drowned out.

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