BCS Championship Ticket Information

Since Auburn went up 42-14 on South Carolina last Saturday, I have gotten no less than 852,342,342,352,342 questions about how to get tickets to the BCS Championship Game. This is all I know, straight from the Auburn site. If you can’t get one in the ways described below, you better start looking at StubHub and thinking real hard about just how much your kids mean to you. I’m probably in that boat.

Auburn will be playing in the 2011 Tostitos BCS National Championship on Monday, Jan. 10, 2011 at 6:30 p.m. MST at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Ariz.

Ticket Priority Guidelines for this game will be identical to the Ticket Priority Guidelines for the SEC Championship Game (with the exception of Faculty and Staff).

Prices are $325 or $300 per ticket depending on the individual’s priority.

Ticket order deadline for all Donors is Friday, Dec. 10 at Midnight.

Suite holders, Scholarship Donors and Beckwith Club

Suite holders, Scholarship Donors, and Beckwith Club Members will receive an email no later than Wednesday, Dec. 8 detailing the order process (Same as SEC Championship Game).

TUF Donor Tickets

TUF Donors with football priority of $10,000 or more will receive an email no later than Wednesday, Dec. 8 detailing the order process (Same as SEC Championship Game).

Faculty & Staff Tickets

Faculty and Staff will be contacted by email on their ticket eligibility and ordering process

Student Tickets

Students who ordered 2010 Season Football tickets have received an email to RSVP for the Bowl Ticket lottery prior to the SEC Championship. The deadline to RSVP for the Bowl Lottery is Wednesday, Dec. 8 at 5 p.m.

Students are eligible for one (1) ticket.

You will be contacted by email if you are selected for lottery with details on purchasing and claiming your ticket no later than Friday, Dec. 10.

Student Tickets must be picked up in Arizona prior to the game. Valid picture I.D. will be required for pick-up. Tickets are non-transferable, no exceptions will be made. Picture on I.D. must match student identity; students may not pick up another students ticket with their I.D.

By the way, I love the student ticket idea. If you win the lottery, go to the game.

Here’s more info that was just sent to students who reserved a spot in the lottery:

You are receiving this email because we show that you have responded “YES” to being eligible for the Tostitos BCS Natonal Championship ticket lottery.  Due to the new information that is listed further down below, we are re-sending this e-mail to make sure are aware that if you are selected in the lottery, that you will have to pick up your ticket in Arizona.

If you are aware of this information and still would like to be eligible for the lottery, please disregard this e-mail.

However, if you need to change your response from “YES” to “NO” given this information, please click on the picture below and log in to the site using your Auburn University username and password.  From there, please go in and select “NO” for the BCS National Championship Game.