Georgia Review

I have posted my Georgia review on‘s Tigers Corner entitled “Friendly Rivalry? I Don’t Think So“. Here’s a little bit of the reading:

What distractions? We all know about the “stuff” that’s been going on since 12 days ago, and Cam Newton and the team had every reason in the world to get down, get distracted, and lose focus on the task. However, if you were looking for a distracted team on Saturday, you would have been hard-pressed to find one.

Even after falling behind 21-7, the team did what it has always has done. They didn’t panic, even when it would have almost been acceptable to do so. Some might say that falling behind was due to the pressure of the off-the-field situation, but I would say that the pressure of losing four straight to Georgia, and having the chance to clinch the SEC West may have slipped into their minds for a moment. This team’s resiliency is amazing, but no team can keep their emotions completely out of every second of every game.

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