Last Chance to Join the Bowl Pick ’em

pickemThe bowls start tomorrow afternoon with the ever-so-exciting New Mexico Bowl. Your picks have to be in before 3:25 pm CST tomorrow (12/19). You won’t remember to do them on a Saturday, so just go ahead and do them now.

If you didn’t know, the winner will receive one of my Christmas presents. So if you’re in need for a pair of thermal socks, you better make your selections now.

Also, be sure to set your confidence for each game. This is a good way to pick up extra points for games you are absolutely sure about. If you can’t decide if Wyoming will beat Fresno State, put it as a lower confidence and it won’t hurt you as much to miss the pick. The higher the number, the more confident you are. Ex: 34 confidence = 34 points for a correct pick.

To join the Bowl Pick ’em group go here. If you were the in the NCAA Basketball Tournament Pool, you can use the same login information. Good luck!