Malzahn’s Trick Play Helps Auburn This Time

In the 1st quarter of last week’s game with the Vols, Gus Malzahn signaled in a play that called for Travante Stallworth, a freshman receiver lacking what most would call height, to crouch down behind the O-line (wonder what that smelled like) and take a hidden hand-off from Chris Todd. Stallworth waited for the play to develop and ran around left end for ten yards.

Have you seen this before? I have. In 2006, Malzahn, who was the offensive coordinator for the Arkansas Razorbacks at the time, called the same play in the upset of our beloved Tigers (ranked #2 at the time).

So like many things this season, I have learned to love things that I used to hate: the spread offense, Trooper Taylor (when he was at Tennessee), Gene Chizik (for leaving Auburn for the same job at Texas), and the Reggie Fish trick play now lovingly called the Stallworth Scramble. Keep the bus rolling.