Coach Watch ’08 Continues…

Another day, another list of coaches (well not really). However, we can officially add Tulsa’s Todd Graham (Zzzzzz…) to the list of interviewed coaches. I was told about Graham last night by my (un)reliable source of a source last night, hours before anyone announced it today.

This day has been very slow. I have heard nothing at all. This makes me believe that we have all the courtesy interviews out of the way, the ones that Auburn didn’t mind the names getting out, and now we are talking to the big boys and keeping it down home ‘cuz. I mean Mississippi State kept it quiet and gave us a surprise today, so why can’t we?

Anyway, I figured I would give you a run down of who has been officially interviewed and maybe what I think of them in a word or two.

  • Turner Gill, Buffalo – Would do wonders for recruiting, but can he coach in the SEC?
  • Pat Nix, Miami (OC) – I love him, but I’m not looking for a feel good story just yet.
  • Rodney Gardner, UGA (Asst.) – They aren’t serious are they? Auburn guy, but same applies as did to Nix.
  • Derek Dooley, La. Tech – Everyone wants to talk about his last name. Do we forget that Vince Dooley coached and Athletically Directed against Auburn for many, many years. I see no loyalty and no reason to bring up a coach from Louisiana Tech in Auburn head coaching discussions.
  • Todd Graham, Tulsa – I still haven’t woken up.

There is also word that Auburn has talked to Brady Hoke of Ball State. I mean I think Turner Gill should be in the discussion, but when did we turn into the next step for up-and-coming MAC coaches?

And for the avid forum-posters over at ITAT that like to post people’s personal information because of a post on a website about a possible coaching hire, Santa Claus has been spotted in Auburn and will be handing out presents on Tommy Tuberville’s lawn at 4pm today. Make sure to plan your empty afternoon schedule accordingly. I will remind you that this is just what I’ve heard from a source of a source, but I know you won’t read this sentence.

Stay tuned for updates on Coach Watch ’08.