Confirmed: Franklin Fired

*Update* – Tommy Tuberville has named Steve Ensminger (inside receivers/tight ends coach) the interim Offensive Coordinator for the rest of the season. At least it’s not Nallsminger. Article here.

ITAT says,

“From what we can piece together, there was a disagreement on offensive philosophy/game plan with the head coach and the offensive coordinator during or after a staff lunch meeting today. CTT made the decision to fire Franklin. I don’t think there was anything pre-planned in this area because the coaching staff are trying to figure out how they are going to proceed in the short term (practice this evening), the game plan for Saturday and what they will do offensively the rest of the season with details of who will call the plays and coach the QBs.”

And this may be the disagreement:

“Franklin on Monday told people close to him that he expected to be fired next Sunday no matter the result of the Arkansas game and that he was going to coach this weekend his style and his way.”

*Update* – Tuberville has officially confirmed that Tony Franklin has been fired.

“After evaluating where we are at this point of the season offensively, I felt it was in the best interest of the Auburn football program to make this change,” Tuberville said. “I’m not satisfied
with where we are and I am personally going to take a larger role with the offense the remainder of the season. We are going to work harder than ever to make sure we consistently improve as we move forward.”

It’s all rumor and “sources close to the program” stuff but apparently lots of people have heard that Tony Franklin has been fired from Auburn, but even Finebaum is saying that it’s rumor and asking people to not jump the gun, so you never know. I thought things were fine. Anyway, we’ll see. Here’s the OA article.

The story is now on as well. Finebaum has heard that Tuberville is meeting with the team in around 3:30 CDT. Maybe we’ll know something soon.

ITAT as well.