Bama Stupidity of the Day

These results were found on If you don’t know, is a compilation of The Bammerham News, Mobile Register, and Huntsville Times. When asked which undefeated SEC team had the greatest chance of winning the BCS, the highly Bama-saturated market voted that over Georgia, over Florida, and over LSU, Alabama would prevail. First guys, let’s beat a team with a pulse, then we can start to seriously act like you have a chance, ok?

I mean I understand it’s just a stupid little poll on a website, and most of the people that voted are of the Crimson persuasion, meaning they have time to sit at home and vote on things like this while collecting an unemployment check with no desire and intention to find a job, but come on. I would say put some thought into and actually be a realist, but that would create an oxymoron: Bama Realist. Oh and Bammers, oxymoron wasn’t the jab.

Alabama 39.0%
Georgia 15.7%
Florida 31.7%
LSU 11.3%
Vandy 1.9%
Kentucky 0.3%