Bama is Back Again From the Last Time They Were Back

I think I just threw up.

** UPDATE ** – I have added more stupidity below.

So let me get this straight: for the next hundred years, regardless of the final regular season record, and regardless of how wrong the preseason poll obviously is, anytime Alabama beats someone in what is considered in impressive fashion, we’re going to consider them “back” and give them a magazine cover? This is more than a joke. I cannot believe how stupid it has gotten…wait, actually I can. We all know that somehow the stupidity level is not at it’s highest. I’ll just say this: sure, Alabama whooped Clemson, but once again for the 50th year in a row, Clemson is hugely overrated, overhyped, and full of “talent” that doesn’t seem to perform.

Rational ‘Bama fans will hate the idea of this magazine cover, but we know how many of those there are. The worst thing about it is that this isn’t a regional publication. This isn’t the latest publication by the Bammer-ham News. This a national magazine, a company that has thousands of sports stories to write about, but twice in the last three years they have had a cover showcasing Alabama and telling the world that they are back or that we should all be scared that they slowly moved the ball up and down the field against a team that would struggle to beat Vandy on the Commodores worst day. Anyway, if you can’t get into a Books-A-Million for the next few days, you’ll know why: thousands of Ricky the Bamafans and all their kids are taking a break from the recruiting message boards to go out and buy all the SI’s they can get their hands on.

** UPDATE **

I was listening to the end of the Alabama/Clemson game the other night, and after it was over Eli Gold said something to the effect of “Welcome to 2008. The world is back spinning on it’s axis”. Yes Eli, the world has just been in a tailspin because Alabama has been an embarrassment for the last 10 years. Thank you Alabama.

This just goes to show how stupid and desparate Alabama fans, and even one of their most respected radio men are: one game, against an obviously terrible team, and that means things are back to “normal” (again assuming things can only be “normal” when you are claiming national championships from anyone who awards it to you).

Also, if you haven’t heard it already from the Bammer-ham News or from any other Birmingham media outlet, Alabama picked up another 5-star commitment yesterday from linebacker Nico Johnson. Go ahead and give them another Natty C-ship banner. If it’s not already obvious enough that he’s drinking the over-hype Kool-Aid, here’s a direct quote from Nico’s loving older brother:

“He wanted to go to a school that pretty much is locked in to contend for a national championship,” Michael Johnson said. “Why not go to Alabama? The game the other night was awesome.”

Thank you Michael. Shouldn’t you be worried about your gold shoes instead of influencing your brother to go to a school after one game? And about the “locked in to contend for a national championship” thing, let’s worry about beating directional schools from Louisiana first, or heck even winning a game against an opponent who should actually be ranked would be a good start.

Oh, and apparently Alabama doesn’t have another game until their matchup with Georgia in 4 weeks. All over the radio, the “educated” people from the “University” are claiming this will be the game of the century and whatnot. Georgia could be 3-1 and maybe even 2-2 by then, but if Alabama somehow slips up and beats them, will they make “We Beat a Team That Used to Be Ranked #1 T-shirts”, or go ahead and add a another patch to the 12 National Championships letterman jackets that I’ve seen roaming around the backwoods of Birmingham? I heard they were going to fly in Jesus for the kickoff, but Prothro beat him out.